Media Buying

Media buying is essentially making sure that the advertisements that you make are seen by the right people at the right time. It is a part of paid media and involves looking at media markets. Not only are you trying to reach your intended audience, you are also making sure that you reach the most people for the least amount of money.

Media Buying 101: An Introduction To Media Planning & Buying
Media Planning

Media planning goes hand in hand with media buying but deals more with planning out which media is going to be made that you need to buy ad slots for. It covers all types of media, ranging from social media to traditional media. It also is important to understand what media markets you are planning for.

Media Trends

One of the more important skills for advertising, knowing the media trends helps to make informed decisions for media planning and buying. It is following what is popular on social media and what is popular on the advertiser’s end. Media trends lately have been originating on social media and spreading to more traditional media.