Posts · May 4, 2021

Top Ten Bites to Grab Around Des Moines

As I wrap up my college career, I need to thank the different cheap restaurants that have helped me make it to the very end. There is no way that I would have made it without them, though I might have missed out on my freshman 15.

10. Haiku

It falls to number ten because it isn’t the cheapest but when you have a craving for sushi and you don’t want to drive, Haiku saves the day. The fried rice is also life-saving and easy on the wallet.

9. Fernandos

A Q&A with Dogtown restaurant owners - The Times-Delphic

Number nine only because a different entry is my all-time favorite Mexican food. Some of the same qualities as Haiku make it a must for any Drake student. That combined with their frequent promotions for Drake students and the fact that you can run into just about anyone there secure it’s spot.

8. Drake Diner

Now this one might not be the cheapest but for the amount of food you get, it is well worth it. Somehow all of the options on the breakfast menu provide the perfect solution to any hangover. Combine that with all their shake options? You’ve got the perfect place to take your parents and make them foot the bill.

7. Fongs Pizza

One of the more recent additions to the Drake area, Fongs Pizza might be the restaurant that saved us. Open late, cheap delicious pizza and a great theme? It was the perfect thing to satisfy all of the college kids. I can only hope they pay those workers enough to put up with us.

6. University Library Café

Named after one of the best dad jokes ever (and one that my dad never stops making), the Library Café is responsible for good drinks and some really good bar food. Though the Library is a little out of the way, it still makes for a great spot.

5. China Place

As the closest Chinese restaurant that delivers, I have no doubt that China Place is mostly funded by college students. Considering that they didn’t flinch when I ordered six orders of Crab Rangoon one time, I think they deserve their spot at number five.

4. Gazali’s Mediterranean Grill

Though the gyros at Quad were delicious, sometimes it was nice to get off campus and enjoy some nice non-Sodexo food. Their cute patio was the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the campus.

3. 8 Degrees Ice Cream & Boba

One of the fancier additions to campus, and one clearly catered to college students, it was successful. Though I only went for the ice cream, I heard good things about the boba. I mostly went when I had a craving for ice cream and didn’t want to spend $8 on a quart at Walgreens. I will never forget how clutch they were.

2. McDonalds

Oh to be a 24 hour McDonalds situated right next to a bar and a college campus. Those employees did not deserve what they put up with but they also were the best McDonalds employees ever. Thank you for all the chicken nuggets.

1. Abelardos

They earned their number one spot because they didn’t blink an eye when I would set up with my laptop in their lobby for at least two hours. Some people went to Caribou or Starbucks, I went to Abelardos and ate tacos while I wrote essays. God bless Abelardos.