Posts · April 22, 2021

Campaigns I’ve Worked On

Throughout the course of my time at Drake University, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients to really develop and expand their advertising presence. These have been local clients, small businesses or organizations that might not have had the resources to receive these campaigns without help from Drake. It has been amazing to work with and support the community while developing these skills. These campaigns allowed me to work on skills that I will use outside of the classroom while also benefitting a local business. Here are some of the highlights.

Lefty’s Live Music

Lefty's Live Music, Des Moines, IA - Booking Information & Music Venue  Reviews

I worked with this local music venue, located in Dogtown, right as the pandemic initially hit. That didn’t really change the goals that we had for Lefty’s though. As a small business, especially one whose industry took a major hit with the shutdown, we focused on very cheap and very easy ways that Lefty’s could still advertise themselves. We also looked at ways that we could keep Lefty’s afloat, promotion for streamed live music and different merchandising ideas.

Svens Skincare

One of the most involved campaigns that I’ve worked on. The founder was a former Drake University grad that gave us the opportunity to work for him for our Capstone project. We broke it down into two different parts, one focusing on consumer research to make sure we focused on the right audience and the second really developing a plan focused on that audience. Most of the work we did focused around sending out surveys and getting consumer feedback on both the product and his current web presence. We also developed a final plan that pitched ideas such as changing the packaging of his product and rehauling his web presence to be more cohesive.

Drake Neighborhood Association

One of the most local and most dear to my heart, our work with the Drake Neighborhood Association mostly focused on making a more cohesive look to their brand as well as preparing to promote on of their largest events ever. Even though it was one of the smaller campaigns that I worked on, it was still fun as it involved becoming more engaged with the local community. We were able to shape and form how that event happened and what it looked like which was really fantastic. It was also nice to give back to my own neighborhood. The final plan included an advertising video, mockup posters and planned social media posts.